Dorian Disha P.F.

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My name is Dorian. I am a licensed tourist guide and qualified driver in Albania & the Balkans.
My love for travel, touring, tourism in general, has been like “the love at the first sight”. A long time ago, just after a visit with my parents and their friends at the Legendary Castle of Kruja & the Scanderbeg Museum, I felt such a chemistry, which later will be transformed into a real chemical reaction, which keeps me very close to tourism, museums, sites and nature too. Such a connection, a friendly and lovely feeling, has kept going and growing, throughout my professional life, and l continue to offering, with a lot of love, numerous tours and trips, advising and helping very many guests to know and enjoy as much as possible my beautiful Albania.
Lead by love and care for my country, and my passion for this job which I’m in love with, but also being so enthusiastic about it, I try to imbue my guests with the best of Albania.
My long experience in the field of tourism field started around 2006, when l began work as a tour agent/operator for a few local travel companies, giving my best service and always eager to expand my area of knowledge with new things. But the “call of action” makes me feel comfortable and happy when I’m out in the field where l meet new people, talk to them and always give and get the best.
Born in the town of Elbasan, the so-called “heart of Albania” or as we the locals like to call it “the cradle of the education” (it is the home of the first national high school), l have a lot to offer, show and tell you. In fact, the entire country is full of Historical, Archeological, Religious, Cultural, Sports, Natural and Human sites too. So, there are plenty of things to see and to do during our trips.
As the local saying says “Love comes from the stomach”, so culinary tours where the local cuisine with the freshest and bio foods, is part of our agenda together.
As tasting the local wine with its long tradition, the Albanian Spirit “Raki”, or the fresh fruit juices made by the local: all are pieces of a puzzle that we will build together.
From my long experience in this field, and my love & care for being as close to the guests as possible, I became not only a guide but a driver too. I drive all kinds of vehicles: bikes & motorbikes, cars, plus all kinds of vans with capacity for groups, and any of these are also available to be rented very easily. l am a professional guide/driver and can offer a complete package.
Due to so many tours and trips around Albania and the Balkans, I’m very familiar with many places and countries in the Balkans and other parts of Europe too. Knowledge of a few foreign languages (and fluency in English) makes me feel “at home” when l travel around these places. Therefore, combined tours of Albania and other countries are one of my specialties.
For these reasons and many more, l invite you to contact me, and together let’s tailor a tour that will fit you and your party.
For questions, help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact me. And always remember: “Don’t worry—You have Dori” 
Welcome to my world!